Global Nomads Virtual Village

For those yearning for a life of freedom and enlightenment, the Global Nomads Virtual Village provides information and insights into a lifestyle unhampered by the constraints of modern living.

Break free from the vise-like grip of the energy companies, the idiot-rule makers and greedy authority figures who are not interested in your well-being, just your money and your subservience!

Why Are We Doing This?

The GNVV Mission

The Global Nomad Virtual Village (or GNVV) is an internet/web-based, nonprofit organization; it is a virtual hub or virtual village designed to provide global nomads, otherwise known as third culture kids or Foreign Service dependents, sometimes even referred to as military brats.

They are basically anyone who has the privilege of sharing the common bond of living and growing up in a foreign country the honest way to their own). It provides such people who foster an entrepreneurial joy in what they do with a permanent "place" to stay in contact, keep in touch with each other.

The GNVV is also a useful repository for global nomad related information and resources. If you would like a more detailed overview of our goals, please go take a look at the GNVV Charter that you'll find on our About page. If you are curious as to why we exist and are doing this, please take a look at our comprehensive list of reasons printed above.